Vitual Café 13 februari - Elsa Albertsdottir - BLUP

Vitual Café 13 februari - Elsa Albertsdottir - BLUP

Dinsdag 13 februari 2024 - Elsa Albertsdottir - BLUP

Tuesday evening, February 13, the NSIJP organizes an online lecture : BLUP and its importance in breeding Icelandic Horses

Dr Elsa Albertsdottir will enlighten us about:
- What is BLUP?
- How does it work?
- How can we use it to our advantage when we breed Icelandic Horses?

Dr Elsa Albertsdottir is FEIF Breeding Judge, former Breeding Leader of Iceland, Trainer and breeder of horses and a Specialist and Scientist in Icelandic horses, e.g. in  Horse Genetics and Breeding. 

On February 13,  her English-language lecture will not only be open for Dutch members, but will be available to all FEIF members.

Register HERE for the Virtual Café on Tuesday Februari 13